The Zen Residential Advantage

At Zen Residential, our commitment is to offer you the peace of mind you rightfully deserve when it comes to managing your assets. When you entrust your property to us, we handle every aspect, including preparing it for occupancy, marketing, leasing, tenant management, and property maintenance. Our pledge is to maintain transparency and accountability in all our operations, ensuring that you reap the full benefits of property ownership.
Our approach is entirely customizable, allowing you to be as involved or hands-off as you prefer.


We leverage our strong market position and extensive experience to effectively promote your property. Each property benefits from a proven marketing approach that ensures swift and successful results.

Tenant Retention

Our commitment to delivering a Zen-like experience to your tenants ensures long-term satisfaction and loyalty. This approach significantly reduces turnover costs for our valued clients.

Unit Inspections

Our proactive preventative maintenance inspections include thorough assessments during spring and fall. These inspections meticulously document the property's condition and enhance the overall living experience for tenants.


Our seasoned leasing team is dedicated to prioritizing your property. We diligently strive to secure the most suitable residents who will treat your property with the care it rightfully deserves.

Tenant Portal

We provide all tenants with access to a user-friendly tenant portal, enabling them to conveniently pay rent and submit requests and concerns in real-time, directly to our responsive maintenance team.

Monthly Reporting

Our team is committed to delivering punctual fund transfers and comprehensive reporting to our property owners. You can expect transparent and detailed financial updates on time, every month.

We assure you that you will experience a Zen-like peace of mind, knowing that your property is in capable hands.

Rental Property Types

We manage everything from individual condo units all the way upto large multi family apartment buildings. and we have been doing it in Edmonton & Calgary for 30 years.

Whether you have an apartment style condo, townhouse, single family home or multi family property we can take care of it for you with professional consistency mouth in mouth out.

Single-Family Home Rentals

Single-Family Home Rentals

Condominium Unit Rental

Condominium Unit Rental

Multi-Family Property Rental

Multi-Family Property Rental

Investment Property Rental

Investment Property Rental

Completely Furnished Rentals

Completely Furnished Rentals

Unfurnished Property Rentals

Unfurnished Property Rentals

Our management team will advise you on the best way to maximize profit for your property, be it through yearly rentals, periodic rentals or even fully furnished executive rentals. Like you, we want our properties full and respectfully tenanted for top dollar and that is what we strive for on every lease we write.

Zen Residential's Maintenance Approach

At Zen Residential, we take a proactive and holistic approach to property maintenance, ensuring that your investment remains in excellent condition while enhancing tenant satisfaction. Our maintenance strategy can be summarized in several key principles:

Preventative Maintenance

At Zen Residential, we prioritize staying ahead of potential issues. Through our biannual property inspections and maintenance checks, we proactively identify and address minor problems before they have a chance to escalate into costly repairs.

Timely Response

When maintenance requests are received, we prioritize swift response times. Our goal is to address tenant concerns promptly to maintain their comfort and satisfaction.


Our approach emphasizes cost-effective solutions. We aim to keep maintenance expenses manageable without compromising the quality of work or the property's condition.


We maintain open communication with property owners, providing detailed reports on maintenance activities, costs, and recommendations. Transparency is key to building trust.

Vendor Relationships

Our extensive experience allows us to negotiate favorable rates with trusted service providers, ultimately reducing maintenance costs for property owners.

Emergency Response

In case of emergencies, we have a 24/7 support system in place to address urgent maintenance needs promptly and efficiently.

In all instances we deal with the service contractor and administer payment via the rent we have collected from the tenant. All invoices and accounting are summarized for you on your monthly statement which you can access by way of your account with us at any time.

Steps to Renting Your Place

Transitioning from the onboarding process to having a Zen Resident in your property involves several important steps:

  • 1. Property Onboarding and Assessment:
    i. A dedicated Zen Residential Team member will conduct an in-depth property inspection. We want to understand all the unique aspects and features that make your property special.
    ii. During this assessment, we’ll identify opportunities to enhance the property’s appeal and value.
    iii. We will provide you, the property owner, with a detailed outline of our strategy for maximizing rental income. This plan will include insights into pricing, marketing, and any recommended improvements to attract quality tenants and achieve the highest possible rent for your property.
  • 2. Marketing and Advertising:
    i. Utilizing RentSync, we employ a comprehensive marketing approach to ensure your property receives maximum exposure. Here’s how we do it:
    ii. Wide Online Presence: We leverage RentSync to distribute your property’s advertisement across the most popular rental listing websites, ensuring it reaches a broad audience of potential tenants.
    iii. Highlighting Unique Features: We emphasize the distinctive features and benefits of your property to make it stand out in the crowded rental market. This includes showcasing any special amenities, location advantages, and property characteristics that set it apart.
  • Our goal is to attract and engage potential tenants effectively,

    increasing the chances of finding the right match for your property.

  • 3. Tenant Selection:We prioritize prompt and efficient responses to all inquiries from prospective tenants. Our tenant selection process adheres to industry best practices, ensuring that we identify and secure the most suitable tenant for your property.
  • 4. A Zen Resident Moves In:
    i. Once all necessary documents are signed, and the tenant provides confirmation of utility setup and rental insurance, we facilitate a seamless move-in process.
    ii. We meticulously document the move-in with photographs and detailed notes to ensure an accurate record of the property’s condition at the start of the tenancy. This documentation helps prevent disputes and ensures transparency throughout the rental period.
  • 5. Accountability to our Owner Client:Following the tenant’s move-in and the execution of all necessary documents, our owner clients will promptly receive copies of all these executed documents. This comprehensive documentation provides you with access to all the information you may need for your property, ensuring transparency and peace of mind throughout the rental period.
Steps to Renting Your Place

Tenant Attraction and Retention

Your property needs the best exposure possible. We use the top rental websites available, coupled with professional photos, exterior signage, social media marketing and more to generate interest for your property.

High Quality Professional Photography

Listing on Top Rental Databases

Targeted Digital & Social Media Advertising

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Tenant Issue Protocols

The lease that we have with the tenants of your property governs our conduct with them. Written with extensive consultation with lawyers familiar with the residential tenancies act, our lease is comprehensive yet simple for all parties to understand.

Our approach to tenancy communication is to be as open and forthcoming about the tenant’s experience as we can be. Every property is a little different, but largely speaking our process works the same way.