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30 Years Of Experience In Single Family Rentals

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth, both financial affluence and emotional security.”

Suze O.

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We know that well-maintained and well-managed investments produce the highest return for our clients.  For 30 Years ZEN Residential. has been dedicated to serving our clients by helping them achieve their goals through effective property management.

Build People's Dreams

Our expert Property Managers advise clients through project management/coordination, quotes, and building repairs. We provide you with leadership and professionalism in a calm and reasonable manner in which to deal with any situation.

Work Hard to Succeed

We believe that our continued success is dependent on creating a true partnership with our Boards, residents, and building employees. This partnership is founded on the principles of mutual honesty and integrity and nurtured by the highest standards of performance and service. Everything we do is focused on making the lives of the residents who live in our buildings better.

The ZENRES Difference by ZEN Residential.

At ZENRES, we’re bringing the latest technologies to the world of rental management. We believe that today’s tenants and owners deserve top-notch service and convenience, and we’re committed to simplifying the process for everyone involved. Our client care portal lets landlords and tenants access important information, such as maintenance requests and support tickets. We pride ourselves on providing transparent service, and take seriously the responsibility of caring for valuable assets and providing safe, clean homes with attentive landlords. 

Trust us to satisfy your needs every day.

Protecting Owner Assets

We select the rights tenants and maintenance providers to protect landlord property.

Creating a Safe Space for Renters

We provide a safe and clean space for our renters to feel at home and comfortable.

We strive to satisfy both landlords and tenants!

The ZENRES Team by ZEN Residential

Our staff have a collective several decades of experience in the property management industry. Our team also has specialization in investment, accounting, and non-resident finances.

Aj Slivinski


AJ is a visionary with his focus on values, leadership and service. His vision for MMG is to lead a world-class property management company that is focused on continuously exceeding customer’s expectations with an incredible team of diverse professionals.

AJ brings a wealth of experience in senior marketing and sales positions and has a unique perspective on what owners and property managers want (and more importantly, what they need) as he has owned and managed apartment buildings for over a decade and has served on several condominium boards.

It’s no secret that the way people communicate is changing – people demand instant responses and real time access to information. AJ believes that by leveraging the latest technologies combined with a brilliant team of the right people in the right roles, Mayfield will continue to exceed the expectations of our customers for many years to come.

He never waivers from providing the highest level of service, working from a place of integrity, and building the company based on long term relationships.

Outside of the office, AJ enjoys travelling, exploring new cultures and volunteering around the world with his wife Mary Jo.

Ivan Williams

Regional Manager

As the Regional Manager, Ivan Williams has an extensive background in the Property Management industry, focusing on residential single-family portfolios and multifamily properties. His professional background includes supervision of large residential portfolios and asset management with a strong focus on customer service.

Over the past 18 years, Ivan has worked with several Property Management companies utilizing his skills in dealing with resident concerns, vetting, and dispatching trades, negotiating contracts, and working with various governing bodies to ensure all codes and regulations are in compliance.

As your liaison for single family, Ivan will seamlessly ensure that your asset is managed effectively and efficiently providing you with peace of mind.

Edith O'Flaherty

Associate Broker

Edith is the Founder of MMG and current Managing Broker. Since it’s inception February 14, 1991, the company has taken on her strong values in leadership, serving others, and strength in teamwork.

It’s these values that have built the foundation for MMG and it’s reputation as a company that treats others the way they’d like to be treated.

Edith believes the level of service and the fact that the clients, tenants and all stakeholders are listened to and valued are what set the company apart. This goes without saying, the committed team that has been built over the years, bring a skill set and camaraderie that people welcome in an ever changing, automated world.

The team is proud of their ability to make progress and get things done while always showing others respect and making sure all parties involved are supportive as possible of the outcome.

Away from the office you will find Edith enjoying the multitude of wonders that nature offers


Our success relies on a genuine partnership with our Boards, residents, and building employees, rooted in mutual honesty and integrity. We strive to uphold the highest standards of performance and service, all in service of improving the lives of those who call our buildings home. 


Let’s work together to make a better community.

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We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

A single-family home is defined as a single dwelling on its own parcel of land. It doesn’t share walls with any other buildings. Generally, these properties have a yard of some sort and a private entrance. Although single-family homes provide a lot of space, storage and privacy, apartment buildings may have more amenities such as a gym or door attendant.

As an investment property, these homes can only be rented out to a single person, so there’s no income if the property is vacant. People who invest in multifamily homes or apartment blocks may be able to cover one vacant unit with income from other apartments.


Many people fall into renting out a single-family home unintentionally. They find may themselves with an empty house due to an inheritance or because they have to move away temporarily and don’t want to sell their home. Other people decide to rent when they move and can’t sell their home.

Property managers can help you manage your investment. Most people think the role of a property manager is just finding a tenant, collecting rent and taking care of maintenance. However, it can take much more to manage a single-family property.

Finding a tenant may require advertising and marketing, and your property manager also screens prospective tenants to ensure you get someone responsible and reliable in the house. As well as collecting rent, a property manager chases late payments and can evict tenants who don’t pay. Property managers may also keep your accounting and tax information in order to make tax time easier.

Tenant relations are a large part of the property manager’s job. They do regular inspections of the property to make sure your tenants are looking after the home. When emergency maintenance is required, they’re the ones who get a call at 3 a.m. and are the people who contact contractors and arrange to send someone out.


They also answer tenant questions. As they’re fully versed in the laws surrounding property rentals, they can ensure that their answers comply with regulations. This helps protect you from legal action by tenants.

Not only is property management affordable, using a property manager can actually increase your property’s overall profitability. Most property managers charge a small percentage of your monthly rent in exchange for comprehensive services that range from finding and screening tenants, to handling emergency maintenance and record keeping.


You should also consider that property management companies are experts at preventing vacancies and turnover costs, the two factors that can sink your profit margins almost instantly. As the owner of a single-family rental home, keeping your property filled is especially important—your total revenue is likely generated by a single set of tenants.

There are a number of benefits to using a property manager for your single-family rental. Property managers take care of everything, giving you more time to do your day job, spend time with family or find your next investment property. They also have experience and systems in place that let them manage your property efficiently while making sure you meet all your legal obligations.


Property managers are good for people who don’t have a lot of experience in investing and don’t understand everything required. They’re also perfect for people who don’t have the time or inclination to deal with maintenance calls in the middle of the night or chase tenants for rent.


Property managers can also let you diversify your investment. It can be impossible to manage a property remotely, but with a property manager, you can choose to buy in a location that has low house prices or a growing need for rental properties no matter which corner of the country it’s in. Property managers can also help people with multiple investment properties. The more properties you have, the more time it takes to manage them. A property manager allows you to continue to build your portfolio without worrying that you won’t have time to keep the properties running smoothly.

Single-family homes have a lot to offer both new and experienced investors, but like all rental properties, they have the potential to take up a lot of time. A property manager can look after the day-to-day running of your investment, leaving you time to enjoy your profits or find your next money-making opportunity.